Our Pillars of Sustainability







DBL Group's sustainability is based on five pillars; People, Process, Product, Community and Environment; thus, integrating a holistic approach towards sustainability. For each pillar, there are several sustainable action programs in place — both on large and small scale and in short and long term — through which the sustainability plans are translated into action.

Following the footprints of the Group's sustainability initiatives, Eco Threads & Yarns also stresses on fostering sustainability at every sphere. To save excess power consumption, all of our machines are equipped with power inverter. We have installed energy meters with full time monitoring system, enabling our engineering team to minimize the consumption of energy.

While major thread suppliers' liquor ration is around 1:8 ltr to 1:10 ltr, we ensure 1:6 ltr and 1:4.5 ltr liquor ration through our German and Italian machines, enabling us to save huge consumption of water.

Our production facility is equipped with steam meters which has full time monitoring system, helping us to prevent misuse of energy and thus ensures environmental benefits.

Our Auto Dispensing System prevents human body contamination, overuse of chemicals and enhances environmental safety.

We harvest rainwater and use it through our operation to take care of the underground water level and ensure social responsibility by reducing water usage.