Workforce Awareness Sessions

Eco Thread & Yarn offers a variety of range regarding work-force training programs for manufacturers. We believe in “Sharing is Caring” and we are always ready to share our technical knowledge and strength with our valued customers. We have awareness programs specifically designed for

  • IE Team
  • Production Team
  • Maintenance Team
  • Quality Team

Eco thread will further venture in collaborative approach with Leading Sewing machine and Needle suppliers to make a common platform of understanding and interlinking. Intended subjects of these programs are:

  • Machine Threading
  • Better Utilization of Thread
  • Selecting the Right Thread
  • Wastage Analysis and Reduction
  • Thread Reconciliation
  • Process Development
Hidden Cost Analysis

This is a unique Program offered by Eco threads which investigates various hidden cost of shop-floor involving wastage leading to loss. A dedicated team participated by personnel from Technical Service, Sales & Marketing functions as investigators to find root causes and provide sustainable solution.

Productivity Improvement Program

Eco thread is equipped with the technical capability of offering various productivity improvement programs. We offer in-depth analysis on:

  • Wastage minimization
  • Thread Performance Comparison
  • Sewing difficulties solution
  • Efficiency Monitoring and Enhancement

Apart from these, we offer assistance to new product development and Thread selection.