Premium continuous filament polyester (CFP) sewing thread

Eco Fil is high tenacity continuous filament polyester fine sewing thread. It’s fineness make excellent thread for the best quality overedge seams and blind stitching, hemming and multi needle quilting operations. Due to fineness, Eco Fil is high tensile strength and abrasion resist, it is an ideal thread for all applications requiring superior seam quality and pucker free stitching.

Physical properties: Shrinkage at 150°C <1%, melt at 250°C – 260°C & moisture regain 0.4%.

Chemical properties: Resistance to the most of mineral acid & weak alkali but less resistance to strong alkali. Also, unaffected by mildew & rot.

Color fastness properties: To washing at 60°C (ISO 105 C06-C2S)≥4, rubbing dry (ISO 105X12)≥4, water (ISO 105 E01)≥4, dry cleaning (ISO 105 D01)≥4, artificial daylight (ISO 105 B02)≥5, perspiration (ISO 105 E04)≥4 & bleaching with hypochlorite (ISO 105 N01)≥4-5.