Premium trilobal polyester (TRP) embroidery thread

Eco Emb is a continuous filament trilobal polyester embroidery thread designed to provide excellent sewability, superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speed. Produced from state-of-the-art innovative European technologies & robust color science from a green, sustainable and environmental protective efforts. It has exceptionally high tenacity and superior appearance which makes it a first choice among customers seeking performance and durability.

Physical properties: Shrinkage at 150°C <1%, melt at 250°C - 260°C & moisture regain 0.4%.

Chemical properties: Resistance to most of mineral acid & weak alkali but less resistance to strong alkali. Also, unaffected by mildew & rot.

Color fastness properties: To washing at 60°C (ISO 105 C06-C2S)≥4, rubbing dry (ISO 105X12)≥4, water (ISO 105 E01)≥4, dry cleaning (ISO 105 D01)≥4, artificial daylight (ISO 105 B02)≥5, perspiration (ISO 105 E04)≥4 & bleaching with hypochlorite (ISO 105 N01)≥4-5.