Premium polyester cotton corespun (PCC) sewing thread

Eco Core is an innovative premium thread produced in spinning with high tenacity polyester filament covered with cotton fiber. Long staple cotton wrap ensures resistance to heat & feel of cotton and high tenacity polyester filament provides strength & durability. The unique combination provides an excellent efficiency in sewing process and seam due to high tensile strength and well-balanced elongation. Eco Core delivers best seam performance and aesthetics to use in denimwear, heavy duty outdoor wear, cargo pants & high speed sewing of outerwear.

Physical properties: Shrinkage at 150°C <1%, polyester melts at 250°C – 260°C.

Chemical properties: Polyester resistance to most mineral acids but cotton disintegrates in hot dilute and cold concentrated acids. Polyester generally unaffected in organic solvents but soluble in some phenolic solvents but cotton degraded by some organic solvents. On bleaching with hypo chlorites and hydrogen peroxide polyester unaffected but cotton gets bleached.

Color fastness properties: Washing at 60°C (ISO 105 C06-C2S)≥4, rubbing dry (ISO 105X12)≥4, water (ISO 105 E01)≥4, dry cleaning (ISO 105 D01)≥4, artificial daylight (ISO 105 B02)≥4, perspiration (ISO 105 E04)≥4.
Color fastness to rubbing grade 3 in case of cotton dyed with vat dyes.